Leaders causing Leaders Distinctions

1) Being Present - Be aware of your thoughts, words, beliefs, actions and attitude. Attend to what is in front of oneself in the moment. Getting clear and clearing others.

2) Transparency - Being free to be public about one's humanness and creating the space for others to have the same freedom. Being open and exposed, not withholding.

3) Humility - Giving up 'BEING RIGHT". Being vulnerable

4) Integrity - Being accountable, responsible and competent.

5) Compassion - Kindness - Grace

6) Resilient Visionary - Clarity of your Vision and holding space for your Vision. Knowing that everything is "perfect". Going out of one's comfort zone, going beyond who you know yourself to be.

7) Servant Leadership - Being in service to the group or organization. Demonstrating Love, Leading the way, bridging separation. Building community through acknowledgments and apologies tools. Listening and Recreating others so they know they have been heard.

8) Being Unstoppable and Courageous. Being OK with "no" for an answer. (no just means "not now"). Enrolling others in your community to your vision, making unreasonable requests.


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the future depends on what we do in the present. - Gandhi