Clyde Terry – Integrity/Humility/ Visionary/Duty


Presentation Topic: Transformation without judgment

Clyde’s  presentation will be about honoring our commitments to making a difference despite the lack of agreements that exist in the world. After listening to his powerful presentation, you will leave with greater understanding of  your power to create and be at the source of and not at the effects of the current conversation about whats possible.

Clyde will be a key speaker on our ‘Social Issues’ Panel and joining him will be a few of the graduates from his ex-offender/community transformation program (Emerging Leaders Academy).

You will hear their amazing stories of how two completely different and opposing worlds came to work together to make a difference. Clyde brought these two worlds together despite the belief of everyone from both law enforcement and the gang/crime world that it wasn’t possible for him as a law enforcement officer to bring them together to make a difference. We are hoping that “Freeway Ricky Ross” (related to the Iran-Contra scandal) will be present to speak also.

Bio:Clyde Terry is a 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and former US Marine. In 2003 he took a leave of absence from the Sheriff’s Department to assist the US State Department as an International Police Adviser in their rebuilding efforts in Iraq.

The experience changed his life. Soon after his return to Los Angeles he began working directly with ex-prisoners, gang members and the young homeless to transform their outlook and lives, and in 2009 was asked to lead the Sheriff Department’s Emerging Leaders Academy. To date, only 1 of the 94 participants of his programs (probationers, gang members and parolees newly released from prison) have remained crime free. Many have also returned to school to obtain their high school diplomas or GEDs and have enrolled into college.

Specialty: Transforming the lives of man and women returning home from prison and gang members who are looking to break the cycle of despair, hopelessness, resignation and scarcity.