Guru Singh DD, mss


Guru Singh DD, mss, is a yogi and master-teacher of Humanology and Kundalini yoga and meditation. He is a musician, composer, author, Minister of Sikh Dharma with a Doctorate of Divinity, and one of the Founding Directors of the Miri Piri Academy, an international boarding school in India which places an emphasis on creating future leaders through a spiritually-focused academic curriculum.
Guru Singh studied and accompanied Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga for thirty four years as he taught and lectured around the world. As a minister, Guru Singh works with spiritual leaders of nearly every faith, including the Dalai Lama and Sri Amma Bhagavan of Oneness University. He uses his expertise in Shabd (sound) therapy to offer a unique approach to counseling the natural human harmonies through meditation and applied sound. He has also worked with the Department of Neuro-Theology at the University of Pennsylvannia using medical imaging to measure dynamic brain function under the influence of meditation, mantra and prayer.
Guru Singh is dedicated to transforming today‚Äôs world of education, technology, media and community building — reaching humanity personally, while teaching globally.