Matthew and Terces Engelhart


Matthew and Terces Engelhart – founders of CAFE GRATITUDE , their business ventures aspire to shake up the existing paradigm. Their seven restaurant chain Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre reflect their vision of business as an opportunity to awaken.

Matthew and Terces lead monthly workshops in Sacred Commerce, Being Abundant, and Relationship, and are the creators of “The Abounding River” logbook and board game, and authors of the books Sacred Commerce and I Am Grateful: Recipes and Lifestyle of Cafe Gratitude . They are the stewards of Laulima Farm, a jewel of tropical permaculture in east Maui, and Be Love Farm in Pleasants Valley, Ca. which produces organic fruits and vegetables for their restaurants. Says actor Woody Harrelson: “…Matthew and Terces have proven they understand the importance of bringing respect, reverence, and love into the workplace.”

MATTHEW Engelhart’s business ventures always aspire to shake up the existing paradigm. His Flax Clothing line he grew from one treadle sewing machine to a 28 million dollar a year business.

This all C.O.D. company (unheard of in the garment industry) was run out of an old dairy barn in central N.Y. In the next insurrection, he and his wife Terces took on being restaurateurs. Matthew and Terces also lead  monthly workshops in Sacred Commerce, Being Abundant, and Relationship.

Matthew is skillful at being able to keep his attention on all there is to be grateful for. His presence inspires us to be present to the endless beauty and bounty of life. What he shares are tools to develop a view of life through the eyes of unconditional love.

Although there is no evidence that his wealth is a result of his practice, he was willing to invest all his assets to share this abundance practice with others around the world. He is a successful business man, loving husband, father of five and most importantly a man who celebrates and loves seeing others victorious over our inherited view of separation and scarcity.


TERCES ENGELHART’S presence is the gift of being present and listening for ones most genuine Self to emerge. She grants acceptance and love to whomever she encounters as her commitment to living in and creating healthy community.

Her life lessons come from recovering from twenty years of an eating disorder and being a single parent of three children. She has expressed herself in many different ways as a dental hygienist, flight attendant, Mary Kay cosmetics executive, business owner, massage therapist and eating disorder counselor.


Today she is a wife and grandmother who lives on their organic farm where they are growing food for the Cafes. She is the “great woman” behind Matthew and the inspiration of much of Cafe Gratitude’s menu and  their commitment to service.
Together they have authored three books and lead workshops monthly.



Terces has surrendered her life to being of service to others intending to bring forth a world where we all realize how closely connected we are and what is possible when we work together for the good of everyone.