Presentation Info: I succeed as I speak: How to be victorious in a changing world.

The most successful people in the world have 2 things in common. They are masters of communication and masters of their state of mind.


BIO: Niurka is a transformational teacher and guide who inspires and empowers people to live powerfully, authentically and purposefully. She is a dynamic speaker, author, poet and visionary whose work unites the world of business with essential wisdom of mind-body-spirit, creating social transformation through inner evolution. She has shared the stage with radiant beings including Tony Robbins, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, John Maxwell, Bill Philips, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, Denis Waitley, Bob Proctor and Jim Rohn.
Her practice includes powerful strategies in business, leadership and sales, as well as studying and integrating great spiritual teachings, psychological frameworks, cognitive science studies, and quantum physics discoveries. Niurka has synthesized her accumulated wisdom into one discipline – Supreme Influence. Supreme Influence guides people in releasing reactive consciousness and embracing creative consciousness through the power of language, communication, influence and love. . Niurka’s work awakens people to claim and enjoy their freedom to choose and the power to materialize from infinite possibilities.