Gregory Wendt


Presentation Topic: “Economics Built on Beauty and Community – New Economics and Sustainable & Responsible Investing”

In order for our generation to lead the next wave of civilization’s evolution -we must have a new story to inspire our economic and financial system. A story which recognizes the interdependency of all life and living systems on the planet. Our economy and financial system must evolve with the recognition of the planet’s finite capacity to support life. Come learn about the thinking which informs and inspires Greg as a thought leader in the field of Sustainable and Responsible Investing and Impact Investing which represents over $3 Trillion under professional management in the United States.

A recent Facebook post Greg wrote “Our task is to live in touch with the flow of nature. Recognizing our innate sufficiency, fullness, abundance, intimacy with all things intimacy with all life. An intimacy which enables us to focus on maximizing relationships, and build an economy of reciprocal blessing built on beauty, art, kindness and symbiosis.” -Gregory Wendt

Greg is known as a visionary social entrepreneur in his circles, inspiring audiences at conferences with his multidisciplinary forward thinking approach to regenerate our civilization to incorporate spirituality, sustainability and economics into a new story for a new civilization that serves the well being of all life.

Bio: Gregory Wendt is the Vice President of Sustainable and Responsible Investing for EP Wealth Advisors, Inc. A well established Registered Investment Advisory Firm with over $1Billion under management as of June 2011. Greg advises clients who want to align their wealth through investments that reflect their priorities and concerns for a better world. Greg is one of the nation’s leading experts in Sustainable and Responsible Investing. He began his career as a financial advisor in 1991 and worked with Smith Barney, Paine Webber and Prudential Securities prior to joining EP Wealth Advisors, Inc. in 2002. He is frequently profiled or quoted as an expert in the media including “Living with Ed” Television Show on Home and Garden Television, Business Ethics magazine, Daily Variety, Financial Planning magazine and Yogi Times magazine. Greg speaks regularly at conferences on the matters of new paradigms in economics, sustainable and responsible investing, new consciousness around wealth and related matters.

Mr. Wendt is the founder and visionary of two non profit efforts – Green Economy Think Tank which convenes leaders around the country for evolving solutions for Green Economy, and Green Business Networking a non-profit which provides a monthly event as a space and time for the leaders of LA Region’s green economy to connect, network and do deals.

A native of Southern California, Greg grew up in Palos Verdes Estates and has lived in Santa Monica since 1983. In his spare time Greg enjoys swimming surfing, gourmet cooking, reading, meditation, hiking and hosting wonderful events for his family and friends. You can learn more about Greg on his website, and what is on his mind at Sustainable Wealth, .


Specialty: Green Economy, Sustainable and Responsible Investing