Sharif Abdullah – Resilient Visionary


Presentation Topic: Visionary Solutions for our 12 global challenges. –

In these turbulent times, leaders must be ready and able to “think and act outside the box”, to become part of a global transformation of human society.  In order to be effective change agents, we must be aware of the 12 challenges facing every human being on this planet.

But, more than awareness, we must be able to articulate a vision of a transformed world – a world that works for all beings.  Our behavior, global and local, must reflect our highest spiritual and moral values and principles.
In his presentation, Sharif will help us to understand our global reality and our mission to create an inclusive human society, thriving on a healthy and dynamic planet.

Specialty – Societal Transformation.

Dr. Sharif Abdullah is an author and advocate for inclusivity and the social/ spiritual transformation of society.  Sharif works in the field of societal transformation, working to align our global human societies with our common spiritual and moral values. His vision and work for a world that works for all beings stems from his spiritual awareness, his early background and his experiences in over 100 distinct cultures, spanning 36 countries.  He is founder and director of Commonway Institute for Societal Transformation.

Sharif’s vision and mission is simple:  we can create a world that works for all beings.  We can end the toxicity of our current human societies through the application of our common human, moral and spiritual values and principles.  Given our present planetary crises, we have no choice – we evolve or we die.

His books include The Power of One: Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times, the award-winning Creating a World That Works for All, and Seven Seeds for a New Society, in addition to numerous articles and other publications.