Embody the Brilliance: The Physiology of Leadership

Body language is universal and reveals more than words can say. Raised in a mechanized world run by mind power, nonadaptive physical patterns and monotone speech habits have become the norm.

In this time of radical change, unleashing a congruent, adaptable physiology and resonant vocal power that radiates passionate enthusiasm, empathetic rapport and heart-felt feeling is now becoming a necessity.In this innovative ’embodiment’ process, Wowza demonstrates three strategies that lead the body, voice, and expression on the same path as the mind – the key that ignites authentic emotional impact with others.

BIO: Wowza is an international wellness consultant, transformational speaker, presentation coach, and Corporate Energizer. For the last ten years, Wowza has taught on-going Leadership Empowerment Training in Mainland China and has been a group leader at Esalen Institute sense 1979.

She is the author of Primal Energetics – Emotional Intelligence in Action.Wowza is a change catalyst who has a lifetime of experience in assessing people to use all of their body and all of their voice to make a human connection through which can communication flow. With her multifaceted background as international consultant, transformational speaker, presentation coach, and team energizer, she prepares professionals for media appearances, corporate communications and inspired productivity.

For the last ten years, Wowza has taught on-going Leadership Communications training in Mainland China and has been a group leader at Esalen Institute sense 1979.