D Miller


Project Butterfly presents The Community Galvanizers Panel

The goal of the panel is to engage a few community galvanizers, organizers and curators into a discussion about community building , the “new” type of events that are emerging [similarities and differences to events from the past], a survey of the community today, the goals for creating community events, the challenges, the inspirations, the vision of what may manifest from a stronger community, the action plans…

BIO: D Miller :Director of Project Butterfly
D Miller is Director and Co-Founder of Project Butterfly. Project Butterfly’s mission is to cross-pollinate with other individuals and organizations that are actively engaged in positive transformation. Project Butterfly is devoted to holding space for visionaries, guides, activists, artists, healers, and educators to communicate their vision, provide tools for inner healing, techniques to heal our planet and create unity through community. Project Butterfly is a laboratory for consciousness elevation, responsible entrepreneurship, sustainable practices and community expansion. www.projectbutterfly.org