Jasmuheen’s main service agenda is the raising of consciousness to create a healthy, harmonious world. She is the author of 33 metaphysical books, the Founder of the Embassy of Peace and implementer of its Personal, Global & Universal Harmonization Projects; she is also an Ambassador of Peace for the Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program; Pranic Living & eliminating global hunger; international lecturer on metaphysics, ascension & interdimensional energy field science. Jasmuheen is also a leading researcher on the controversial pranic nourishment reality & Darkroom Training facilitator; founder of the Self Empowerment Academy; facilitator of the Cosmic Internet Academy; publisher & film-maker; artist presenting Sacred Art Retreats, musician & President of the Global Congress – Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, India.

In Jasmuheen’s book, Food of the Gods, she states that everyone is hungry for something, and whether it’s definable or not, most human hungers are easy to recognize. Many people are hungry for love while others hunger for wealth. Our hunger for health and happiness also dominates our time. Hunger expresses itself in so many ways depending on its depth and the desires that drive it. Keeping all our hungers properly fed becomes a time consuming passion and an art. Jasmuheen’s studies reveal that each human bio-system has been equipped with its own perfect and limitless supplier of true nourishment for our Divine Self – our DOW- which has the power to satiate all our hungers. When we work consciously with DOW power and the river of Grace It naturally commands, our lives become a streamlined flow of ease and joy where nothing feels like a problem and everything operates in perfect harmony and balance within the whole.