Candace Silvers


Candace Silvers has dedicated the past 15 years to coaching and nurturing the creative process. Known for unlocking the secrets of behavior and removing limitations, her students experience profound changes. Every student who works with Candace Silvers gains a new level of insight and inspiration that readily transform daily events into opportunities for purpose and success.

Candace Silvers began her coaching career as a student of the renowned acting teacher Roy London. She went on to form classes and workshops providing students with the tools for their success in all acting, directing, producing, and writing efforts.

Corporate clients such as The Remax Group, The Producers Guild of America, The Screen Actors Guild Conservatory, Women In Film, and United for Families have embraced her work with national seminars for their managers and members.

As the mother of four children and a daughter of Emmy and Tony award winner Phil Silvers, Candace Silvers continues to coach students around the world transforming obstacles into opportunities, stress into joy and achievement into fulfillment.