Millie Williams


Millie Williams competed in the Youth Speaks Poetry Slam competition in 2009 which is a student lead arts movement where each student writes a poem and preforms for 5 judges, 1,500 students in the bay area compete every year and Millie made it to the semi finals with 14 other students in 2009. In 2010 Millie competed with her schools speech team. She competed in the Original Prose and Poetry (OPP) section of the competitions and made it to the California State semi-finals where she was in the top 18 in the state for her original story, poetry and speech. Millie is an 18 year old high-school graduate from Sonoma Academy and will be attending Chapman University in the fall of 2010.

“I find that there is a beat in everyday I live. Some days it is a slow beat and some days a fast beat, but what I love is that it is always there, it is the only constant in my life. I have made it my goal to get my beats down on paper to translate them into words. I believe that words are the closest thing this world has to magic, and I am a huge fan of magic.”-Millie Williams