Amy Lynn Frost


Amy Lynn Frost, MBA and MA Spiritual Psychology; Author, When Work Isn’t Working and Drawing Your Boundaries with Grace

Amy is an accomplished educator, trainer, speaker and coach presenting business and life skills. Amy headed the team to create Success Institute and got it ready to conduct its mission. Success Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth at a critical time in their lives, ages 17 to 26, known to educators and counselors as the Decade of Decision. This is the time in a young person’s life when they make critical decisions in terms of Faith, Family, Career, and Education that set the course for successful integration into a supporting society: it can also lead them to decisions that further disenfranchise them, leaving them locked out of many of the opportunities life has to offer. Amy worked with the Career Institute ( as a Career Mentor and Life Skills Workshop Presenter. She assisted youth in the Career Institute Youth Program on their life, career and school goals. She created and facilitated Action Teams with youth and mentors.