Bill Stierle


Presentation Topic: The Four Qualities of Leadership:

This presentation and group activity will engage and enables participants to identify their personal thinking preferences, identify the preferences of others, and develop strategies for effective leadership communication.   Join us for this interactive fun “Whole Brain Walk Around” exercise where participants will gain:
• Instant understanding of their leadership brain style and how it applies to work increasing effectiveness with business situations.
• Clarity on how to leverage your natural thinking preferences including work interests, communication and competencies.
• A new perspective on business processes and issues, such as productivity, team analysis, managing creative talent and strategic thinking.
• Insight into common assumptions about human behavior both professionally and personally.

Sunday Afternoon Workshop :
The Courageous, Transparent Leader
 2.45 – 3:30 Pm

Is there someone on your team that lacks interpersonal savvy?  There is a solution and it may not follow extreme measures as Anger Management therapy or sending them to Charm School.Emotional Intelligence has moved from the “soft” skills category to a key competency required to successfully lead an organization.  In the past two decades organizations have recognized that the personal and interpersonal skills of their executives are a key differentiator when attracting high potentials, developing talent and building teams that succeed. Emotions influence, empower or cloud what we remember, our effectiveness and the decisions we make. During this session participants will:

• Experience how to create authentic workplace relationships based in collaboration and cooperation.
• Learn the 9 elements necessary to develop the courageous, transparent and compassionate leader.
• Create a ‘No Fault’ workplace that fosters mindful risk taking, nurtured mistakes, safe vulnerability, and whole hearted honesty.
• Learn necessary skills to reinvent a company’s culture and executive teams.

Transparency reveals the character of the leader and informs others of the integrity of a person; transparency removes the need to hide and allows a shift to authentic leadership.

Join Bill Stierle as he shares his 20 years of experience, knowledge and wisdom on how to incorporate NVC and Emotional Intelligence with teams and within corporate culture.

BIO: Bill Stierle  is a thought leader in the integration of Thinking Strengths and Emotional Intelligence.

Delivering over 500 trainings and keynotes, he is sought after as a speaker and consultant by leaders in Fortune 100 companies, universities and government agencies for his dynamic and life shifting information.

As the president of Corporate Culture Development, Bill brings extensive knowledge how the brain, behaviors and beliefs effect, motivate or suppress leadership abilities. What kind of leadership brain do you have? Are you more like, Donald Trump or like Gandhi – or perhaps more like Steve Jobs or Colin Powell?

Bill provides clarity for participants into their leadership types, the application of emotional intelligence and how to discover and leverage these skills and strengths.
Bill is also a accomplished expert on parenting communication. On the VH1 hit reality show, “Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant!” Bill was a mentor and parenting coach for 9 episodes and provided the shows foundation and content. He provides workshops on parenting to schools and groups as a service to the community.