Bonnie Mansdorf


Bonnie Mansdorf is a renowned international humanitarian leader, speaker, and peacekeeper, with a PhD.E in Divinity and Philosophy. She brings spiritually based projects, resources, education, hope and understanding to diverse peoples of the world in conflict ridden areas, to bridge differences, create common ground and initiate healing.
Bonnie is the founder and executive director of The Foundation for a Healing Among Nations, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating “cultures of peace” internationally. Bonnie also developed “The Women’s Tour for Global Understanding,” a project for women of Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine. She also directed the 2005 mini film, Mothers of Matara, Rising from the Tsunami. In July 2005, she was honored and commended by US Senator Barbara Boxer for her work with women in post-tsunami Sri Lanka, and creating a model women’s collective (cottage industry) in over 10 refugee camps.
In bringing forth her projects, she has collaborated with spiritual leaders such as the Dalai Lama; Vice President Al Gore, Mrs. Rosa Parks and Arun Gandhi. She served as one of Steven Spielberg’s interviewers for the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. Bonnie has been highlighted in major US newspapers, national magazines, radio shows, television interviews on prime time news such as: The Union Tribune, Ms. Magazine, Channel 4 News, NPR and DM Times.