Jeni Lynn Allen


Artist, Co/Author of The TRUTH, A Book About Your Life (release date Fall 2010), and Child Advocate, Jeni Lynn offers insights and intimate messages from the Children Of Now. Jeni Lynn spends many hours serving children and their families to heal through various life altering events,through grief support, counseling and art therapy. She has listened,learned and helped to heal and transform relationships within the family unit by giving guidance to finding the child heart, a place we often forget to visit.

Transforming the family structure into a calm, peaceful, loving experience by remembering what gifts the children are and by remembering we are those children is Jeni Lynn’s mission. If you have small children, teen youth or even grown children or if you have no children at all Jeni Lynn’s message is for you.

Jeni Lynn is accredited to releasing blocks of creativity for many musicians and artists. If you are feeling stuck in your life, creatively or just feeling like there is something more to life than where you are this is the message for you. If you have children that are experiencing hardships Jeni Lynn offers unique one on one support for all areas of frustrations.