Kent D. Healy


At a young age reality gave Kent D. Healy a wake up call. He realized that he was not getting taught the important life-skills in school that he needed to become successful in the real world. Kent then partnered with his brother at age 17 to write his first book, “Cool Stuff” They Should Teach In School.

Since the book has been released, the overwhelming positive feedback has driven him to start his own publishing company called “Cool Stuff” Media, Inc. ( The success of this company and the personal development material created by Kent has made him one of the most popular and sought-after young experts on the topic of success.

Kent’s books include:
• Cool Stuff They Should Teach in School
• The Cool Stuff Coaching Course
• The Success Principles for Teens
• The One Minute Student
• Maxims for Mavericks
• Chicken Soup for the Soul: Extraordinary Teens
• Learn, Earn, and Don’t Get Burned (currently in progress)

Kent is a columnist, personal life coach, entrepreneur, and speaker. He has teamed up with some of the world’s most respected leaders in the field of psychology and personal transformation—including the recent release of his book, The Success Principles for Teens which he co-authored with Jack Canfield. More recently, Kent has founded a real estate business based in Phoenix Arizona.

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