Norman Wolfe


Norman Wolfe is founder of Quantum Leaders, Keynote speaker and advisor to Boards, CEOs and executive teams. He has spent over 40 years with a variety of organizations from technology start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to unleash the magic of creation.

Norman recognized early in his career that the most successful organizations and leaders are those that unleash the power and magic of the human spirit. Companies that release this collective conscious energy into all levels of their organization are the most effective in reaching “magical results.” The desire to make available a deeper understanding of the manifestation of results led to the creation of The Living Organization® – a robust new business model for describing the visible and invisible forces that impact organization and personal success.

Today, Norman continues to write and expand upon The Living Organization’s® series of featured products, assessment tools, and books. He is a highly sought after professional speaker, published author, and a consultant to industry leading companies and executives.