Rich Bella


Rich Bella is a Lover of Life and a Seeker of Truth. Rich is a proud father of three amazing children whom assist in his ability to teach his life lessons from a place of compassion, understanding, patience, perseverance and LOVE.

Rich’s humble upbringings in a military lifestyle were at times challenging, due to the continuous travel and displacement sometimes felt by all the adjustments. These changes inspire his will to “keep pressing on”.

Rich was in route to becoming a Baptist Minister when the murders of a good friend and cousin occurred weeks apart from each other. This pivotal moment would shift his life into direct action. Rich began speaking and mentoring in various public schools, juvenile correctional facilities and faith-based communities including Agape.

The respect garnered from these actions resulted in him being “ordained” by the youth of the inner-city.
Rich has placed an emphasis on relating to the three dimensional struggles of Urban America; he uses the challenges of life to relate to the youth and softly interject messages of faith, hope and love to light a way.

FocusBella.Com was birthed to deliver the message of faith, hope and love, by using various multi-media avenues such as music, poetry, writing and film. FocusBella strives to provide a perspective on Love Beauty.

Co-Founded by Rich Bella, Operation Inspiration is a non-profit company dedicated to educating and mentoring the youth in the fields of green technology, creative arts, multi-media, sports and fitness.

Rich Bella co-authored the Best-Selling Book titled, “Wake Up..Live the Life You Love”, with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, Steven E. and other inspirational authors.

Rich Bella’s poem, “The Desire of a New Love”, was recognized as the Editor’s Choice in 2008 for and the International Library of Poetry.