Sonya Sophia Illig


Sonya Sophia Illig a gifted empath, Love Activist and teacher, with 23 years of experience as a healer, teaches the quantum, self healing tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

She delights in giving people, a literal experience of transforming their present aches and pains (along with the energy behind it all) into an instantly accessible, experiential flow of physical and emotional relief. Expect to feel truly moved by a deepening of your own inner peace, accompanied by a more joyous, authentic self-acceptance as a result of spending time “tapping into love” with her.

Her goal is to keep waking up “the wake up team”, helping people to activate their Divine Purposes. As a result of her many years of commitment and dedication, her students and clients have moved into becoming powerful pillars of strength, hope and compassion within their own communities.

Sonya Sophia teaches globally on the multiple applications of this meridianbased, new paradigm healing technology. People easily begin to use their innate power within just minutes of learning EFT to create new levels of wellbeing and stability as they finally release pains, fears and traumas that have been limiting their lives, bodies, and relationships for years. Sonya Sophia has multiple videos online, and a series of audio CDs and DVDs available.