Stacey Robyn


Stacey Robyn is the Co-Founder and Steward of Go Gratitude, World Gratitude, and the forthcoming Blooming Human HeArt Peace project. Stacey is widely known as an Ambassador of Gratitude, Visionary “HeArtist,” Teacher, Social Activist, and author. Her freshman effort, The Go Gratitude Experiment, attracted a global audience of over 1.4 million visitors from 98 countries, counts over 250,000 participants worldwide. Considered a masterpiece in viral marketing, the Go Gratitude Experiment also proves it is possible, and profitable, to follow our bliss and thrive in our passionate pursuits.
As a Spiral Dancer and apprentice to Maria Yraceburu, Apache Tlish Diyan Holy One and Founder of Earth Wisdom, Stacey engages in earth renewal rituals, energy tracking, studying earth-human resonance fields, and practices responsible co-creation by choosing to live The Beauty Way. Currently, Stacey serves on the Board of Directors for the Earth Wisdom community, is a creative advisor for the global nonprofit Dream One World, and an honored member of the Sisters of Honua organization.
Stacey’s vision and mission is to empower wisdom, oneness and a grateful heart by bridging ancient wisdom with emerging consciousness to birth a world that works for everyone … for this generation and for all generations to come.