4 Directions


Rich RA

Rich RA a.k.a. Mr. Focus is a lover of life and seeker of Truth. He is also an author of it. He is a recognized award-winning poet, and has co-authored two books: the best seller “Wake Up…Live the Life you Love” and “The Truth” (in production). Rich’s use of multi-media technologies in service to the youth in the Los Angeles and worldwide communities continues to expand his message of Love. Rich RA brings a poetic “swag” and motivational enthusiasm to 4 Directions.

Mikuak Rai

Mikuak Rai is a talented soul-singer/songwriter and producer whose music is infused with an activism of the heart. He is known as an Ambassador of Peace in many circles, and uses his creative gifts to raise spiritual consciousness in cities and communities worldwide. With 4 Directions, Mikuak Rai’s lyrical quality and feeling tone carries with it a wisdom from beyond this world.

Bilal Samadhi

Bilal Samadhi is a humble yet powerful singer/rapper, songwriter, and producer. His talents were recognized at a young age as a member of the platinum-selling Motown group The Boys (later known as The Suns). Bilal’s extensive background in music production, songwriting, and performing provides 4 Directions with a template of success, and a soul-desire to bring light and real knowledge to fans thru his artistry.


Infinite is a rap artist and singer/songwriter who seeks to inspire listeners with a light and clarity, as well as a combination of sensitivity and power that is unique to him. Infinite was born and raised in the Midwest, and was a professional counselor prior to moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Infinite’s raps are ignited by a spiritual awareness that has been with him his entire life; and, with this, he adds a level of experience and style to 4 Directions resulting from a variety of hip-hop performances and fashion show appearances in his catalogue.

4 Directions

4 Directions (4D) is a music super-group based in Los Angeles, California consisting of four distinct members: Rich RA, Mikuak Rai, Bilal Samadhi, and Infinite. With the intent to inspire, uplift, and serve humanity, 4 Directions provides Urban/World/Pop music that feels good to the senses, and is life-affirming. The group members’ individual backgrounds, talents, and experience, when put together, create a collective of urban beats, soulful sounds, and intricately woven vocals, raps, and poetic accents, showcasing a wealth of sonic diversity and a musical message all people can tune into, enjoy, and be empowered by.

Rich RA brings a poetic swag and motivational enthusiasm to 4 Directions. Mikuak Rai’s lyrical quality and feeling tone carries with it a wisdom from beyond this world. Bilal Samadhi’s platinum-selling roots with The Boys, and heart-infused music production, drives the sound of 4D; and, Infinite raps with a combination of sensitivity and power that, with the rest of 4 Directions, ignites a movement that is raising the consciousness of listeners, and creating balance in the landscape of popular music today.

The members of 4 Directions met at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, and worked on a song project (“Odyssey”) to promote the Youth & Family Ministries. They were then asked to perform at the 2010 Revelations Conference that, in effect, launched the group into the community’s awareness, and jump-started their work together.

Tune in…be inspired and uplifted by the universal sound vibration of 4D.