Anna Getty


Not many people can sum up their life philosophy in just one word, but for Anna Getty, it’s all about balance. It’s a remarkably simple word that drives a powerful concept: finding balance in work, art, leisure, and parenting. And, on a more fundamental level, finding it in the way you eat, drink, and live.
Anna Getty has played many roles over the course of her remarkable life: Actress. Fashion maven. Chef. Kundalini yoga teacher. Writer. Mother. Environmental Activist. And now green living and holistic lifestyle expert via her site

Educated at the Sorbonne, and fluent in French, Italian and German, she returned to the U.S. to pursue her acting career. The Hollywood lifestyle, while offering its share of glamour, left her ultimately unfulfilled. “I didn’t feel I was being of service,” she reflects. “It was all about me.”

Anna decided to pursue an interest in cooking and became an assistant to revered organic chef Akasha Richmond, which gave her a deep understanding of the complexity, sophistication and healing powers of organic cuisine, and brought her to the world of yoga and
legendary yoga teacher Gurmukh Khalsa. It was then that Anna made a decision to not just live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but to teach it to others. She became a certified Kundalini Yoga and Prenatal Yoga teacher and specializes in womens’ yoga, working on staff at Golden Bridge where she taught a variety of classes and workshops for 10 years.

Anna was pleased to unveil her debut DVD collection: Anna Getty’s Pre and Postnatal Yoga Workout, which launched nationwide in April of 2008. The DVD box set includes 2-discs, the first aimed at expectant mothers, with the goal of a graceful, peaceful birth for the child, while simultaneously providing peace, stretching and respite for the mother. The postnatal DVD, with the admirable goal of helping new moms meet their physical (and emotional) post-baby challenges.

Aiming to empower women with information, Anna founded along with her business partner Alisa Donner, Pregnancy Awareness Month or PAM in of May 2008. 2010 marks the third year of PAM. Through this month long campaign Anna provides “how to” ideas and inspiration to show women how easy it can be to make healthy changes in their lives.

Anna adds author to her resume and has written 2-books for Chronicle Books. The 1st is a green entertainment book for the holidays called I am Dreaming of a Green Christmas came out in November of 2009. The 2nd is a cookbook titled, Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic due out in April of 2010. Last year she designed jewelry for Energy Muse, titled “Divine Creation.” Anna plans to take PureStyle Living even farther: looking to create the ultimate in her green, organic and holistic lifestyle brand through multi-media outlets.

“My mission is to be a trusted voice in all things good for you and for the planet,” Anna explains. “The goal is bettering your health, bettering the health of your family, bettering the quality of the environment, doing it all at the same time, and doing it in a way that’s fun, accessible, easy and adventurous.”Anna’s search for joy in everyday life is apparent in the charitable causes she champions. Anna sits on the board of Healthy Child Healthy World and the Environmental Media Awards and also works closely with The Organic Center and Global Green. Anna is also an advisory board member for,, as well as

A prolific writer, she has written articles on a range of topics from baby care, global warming, her life as a recovering fashionista, and, above all, the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Anna was a regular columnist in YogiTimes Magazine for two years and was the eco-editor for the former Healing Lifestyles & Spas Magazine for one year. She is currently the eco-editor for Pregnancy magazine. She blogs for various websites including, Healthy Child Healthy World,, among others. She is also a contributor to the Hot Mom’s Handbook. Anna was honored for her work in the green movement this spring by The Children’s Nature Institute at their 25th anniversary gala on May 27th, 2010.

This fresh voice, with all its conviction, passion and expertise is poised to be the next lifestyle brand to positively impact peoples lives. How? In Anna’s words, “By promoting a life in balance. In balance with the planet, with yourself, with your environment.”