Hillary Rubin


Hillary Rubin is one of the best kept secrets in the health and wellness world, working as a highly sought after teacher and self-empowerment champion.

She was determined to reinvent herself while overcoming a past of physical abuse, pain, and disease and at the peak of success as a fashion publicist for Prada, she was a dealt a crushing blow with a diagnosis of MS in 1996. Knowing she had to dramatically change her life, she set off on a path of healing practices including yoga and holistic therapies that lead her to live symptom and medication-free today.

In establishing herself as a powerful leader for living wellness, she coaches women to take charge of their minds, bodies, and spirits by kicking any health challenge in the butt. She offers programs that encourage women to transform adversity into a positive experience, and know they have control over their own lives.

She has worked with top leaders like Rev. Michael Beckwith, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Janet Attwood, Deborah Poneman, Chris Howard, Max Simon, and Harrison Klein, as well as being featured in Yoga Journal, LA Yoga, FitTV, and American Fitness Magazine.

Hillary appears in and produces the popular DVD “Yoga Foundations”, and is currently working on her first book, due out in 2011, with a forward written by mentor and friend Michael Bernard Beckwith.