Lisa Clapier


Lisa Clapier, author of ‘Handbook to Freedom,’ spent three years incarcerated. Her work now includes being a catalyst for conscious evolution by escorting other leaders to each other within her company ‘One Point Agency.’ She models and fosters sustainable, compassionate behavior, inspiring how we honor, take care of, and heal the social justice system (from those incarcerated to those in charge). “In my experience incarceration is mental health and it simply isn’t acceptable behavior as a society, to care for our brothers and sisters who need our help, with punishment and condemnation. This only fragments more, the individual and our social fabric, and is unsustainable. We are in a time where we have enough knowledge, compassion, resources, and tools to heal social injustice. This is not activism, this is love. And what else would love do?” Lisa is also former Host of ‘The Torch’ a TV show reporting on humanity’s greatness.