Rebecca Harrell Tickell


Rebecca Harrell Tickell has dedicated her career to the advancement of women in green businesses. She specializes in providing women with ways to profit from their passion for helping the planet and their communities. She has worked with hundreds of women who, collectively, comprise a substantial portion of the ‘green movement’ – from CEO’s of major nonprofit corporations, to women who are designing new products to women who are fundamentally shifting the way corporations think about, and work within, the environment. Her new book, “Hot, Rich and Green…The Secret Formula Women are Using to Get Rich and Save the Planet,” gives a fresh perspective on the role women are playing in reshaping the environmental movement.
Besides her writing, Rebecca also has extensive experience in the entertainment industry. She has starred in films and television shows including the Christmas classic Prancer and NBC’sThird Watch. Rebecca came to her calling as the “queen of green” through her background as a film producer, musician and a youth coordinator. She produced the Academy Award Shortlisted and Sundance Audience Award Winning, environmentally-themed movie, FUEL.
She chairs The Veggie Van Organization, a national nonprofit dedicated to education around sustainable energy. Through her work in the nonprofit sector, she has spoken to and trained over 10,000 teens and teachers and worked with organizations such as Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program, the United Nations and the Virgin Group.