Sensei Eugene Imai


Sensei Eugene Imai is the National Director of Shumei America and the Director of Shumei’s International Department. Sent from Japan in 1975 to start the first branch of the Shumei organization in North America, he is Shumei’s first American leader or ‘sensei.’ Born in Japan, an American by choice, he now lives with his family in Pasadena. Today he is perhaps the most recognizable personality to represent Shumei in the western world.

Sensei Imai administers all Shumei Centers in America and lends his support to Shumei’s younger Centers in Europe, Canada, Brazil, and the Philippines. As head of Shumei’s International department and member of its executive committee, he assists in the creation and development of programs for global outreach.

There is no better place to start gaining an understanding of Eugene Imai than to examine the organization he has devoted his life to. Shumei is a spiritual fellowship dedicated to the spiritual, physical, and environmental wellbeing of all. The organization aims at accomplishing this through spiritual healing, environmentally sound agriculture, and the appreciation of art and beauty. According to Shumei’s beliefs, the basis of all three of these activities is sacred and practicing them advances spiritual growth. While the organization’s roots are in Japan, its members are drawn from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Beyond that, one of Shumei’s primary objectives is the promotion “world citizenship” in which each of us learns to truly care about the happiness of everyone everywhere.