Aaron Ableman


For the past 13 years, Aaron Ableman has been presenting platforms for ecological education through storytelling, art and music. An author, acclaimed educator, and urban farmer, Ableman uses a unique combination of arts disciplines for ecological & wellness education. Ableman has launched youth arts initiatives, green job trainings and ecological remediation projects across the US, in northern India, throughout Havana, Cuba, and in the indigenous reservations of northern Canada.

He has been featured internationally at acclaimed conferences such as Bioneers, Green Festivals, and publications such as the Los Angeles Times, SF Examiner, SF Weekly, Bay Gaurdian, Oakland Local, and National Geographic. He acknowledges his childhood raised on an urban farm (www.fairviewgardens.org) and his extensive travels to war torn countriesas deep sources of inspiration. Currently, Ableman is director of the CommuniTree organization (www.communitree.net) and has recently returned from Haiti doing agro-ecology assessment and rebuilding work with delegations of organic farmers.