Agape Performing Arts Conservatory


A Word About Our History….
From its experimental beginnings as a ministerial internship program the Agape Performing Arts Conservatory has grown into a full artistic ensemble experience for youth at Agape. Children and youth from ages 10-15 are provided the opportunity to explore and cultivate their gifts in a variety of artistic modalities. The Conservatory has grown into an ensemble of artists that serve their community. The Conservatory is very proud of their first CD, INFINITE SPIRIT, original music written and performed by the children as part of an ongoing fund raising campaign. We are even more proud that the children have chosen to donate proceeds from the sales of their CD to the Amazing Grace Children’s Center in South Africa. To date they have contributed over $5000! They have released their second CD, WE ARE MORE THAN THIS, at the Revelation conference. The proceeds from this CD will help build an elementary school in Lalibela, Ethiopia. To Date they have raised $20,000 and have completed their goal.

Agape Performing Arts Conservatory Purpose Statement
The Agape Performing Arts Conservatory is dedicated to providing an environment where children may explore and express their inherent talents, gifts, and skills, allowing them to have a direct experience of their co-creative nature and trust its full expression in, as and through them.

ZEBRAH SMACKS is born…..
The children of the conservatory continue to create, most recently, THAARNE! An original musical revolving around two sisters who hate each other. When their gypsy Grandmother gives them a family heirloom book for their birthday; they fall into the book fighting over it and can not get home until they learn to love each other. Script, music, lyrics, costume, set design all created by the children. All original music, plays, rap, spoken work, goes into the Zebrah Smacks publishing company which raises money for school children every where. They also return to the recording studio at the end of this year to record their third CD, WE’RE ALL A LITTLE NUTS.
ZEBRAH SMACKS… helping kids, one school at a time!