Anna Krajec



Like a LILY flower, IWE is born to bloom: Love for “Everybody Wins”Imagine… Full Self Expression

Leaders for Global Peace & Prosperity, Yoga for Self Realization & Unity: IWE!

The vision of IMAGINE WISDOM EDUCATION, known as IWE, recognizes every child as a wise, divine being and empowers students ages 3 to 24, to share their unique gifts in service to the community (come-unity).   Embracing Love as the foundation and Imagination as inspiration, IWE utilizes Howard Gardner’s strategies of multiple intelligences, honors ancient native teachings and draws essential components from the Montessori, Waldorf, Orff Schulwerk, and Reggio Emilia methods. Entrepreneurial skills are acquired through apprenticeships with passionate leaders from the community. Celebration of diversity and culture is reinforced with foreign languages, compassionate communication, community service and sister schools around the world. IWE prepares its students for global living and peaceful leadership.

BIO: Anna Krajec, Founder of Green Valentines Festivals, Genius Connection Playshops and Author of Conscious Parenting Book: “Agreements Before Conception”, was born and raised in France. She has taught French Yoga for children in the USA for the last 20 years. Anna was trained in the Montessori Method 12 years ago and taught pre-school thru grade 6th, for 7 years at Anneliese Academy, a Waldorf inspired and multi-intelligence focus school. Anna has a vision for a new kind of School System and is looking for a team to co-create one.

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Anna Krajec, born and raised in France, author of “Agreements Before Conception” and founder of “Green Valentines Festivals”, offers “Inspiring Playshops for Children”, aged 3-15, in Laguna Beach. Anna, while trained in Montessori, teaches children French and Yoga. For 7 years she taught in a Waldorf inspired/multi intelligence focus school. Anna has a vision and is looking for a team to co-create a new school.