David Rose



Will you allow yourself to actually see your community as fully sustainable, regenerative and thriving? What will it take for you to commit to doing the massive work required in cooperation with others? Awaken to the urgency for each of us to bring forth our own leadership individually and with others so that we can apply the financial tools available to us in support of making our communities sustainable now.

Workshop No.1 – Introduction to Sustainable Community Partnership Banking

What is the difference between Sustainable Community Partnership Banking and banking as usual? In this introduction we’ll look at the work and the leadership involved in creating regenerative local infrastructure in all 9 Areas of Sustainability – the impact that can have on creating not just another bubble, but a thriving financial ecology that can endure. We’ll look at how banking can be a tool applied much more successfully for the benefit of all community members, and the kind of leadership that is being called forth in each and every one of us now.

Workshop No.2 – Community Engagement Program: How to Get Started

CEP is the process of bringing together leaders in the community to create an application for approval to organize a Sustainable Community Partnership Bank in your area. In this workshop we’ll go deeper into the inspiration and leadership required to bring the power of this tool to your community.

David Rose is Founder and CEO of the Unified Field Corporation (UFC), creator of an innovative bank operating Model, and a System for applying for and implementing a cooperative network of Sustainable Community Partnership Banks™ throughout the country. The Unified Field Bank™ is the name of this model and will be the trade name for banks, as they are approved and formed, that will operate within the UFC System over time. 

David is not a banker. He is a leader in developing sustainable economic systems and helping people access their own inspired leadership. Prior to starting UFC, David gained useful experience through serial careers in construction, real estate, wellness products and as a teacher and consultant in cooperative business in areas that included strategic and capital planning, team building and innovative local sustainable economic systems.