Deborah Pietsch


Deborah Pietsch is an award-winning producer, founder of Living Light Agency, and Creator & Host of TV show, “Wake Up…Shift Is Happening!” She is here to assist the masses in awakening to Love. She has been involved in all facets of media for the past 23+ years. For the same number of years, she has been proactively pursuing a simultaneous journey of awakening, consciousness & spirituality. Deborah’s dual journey has been to BE as aware and conscious as possible so she could bring this way of life and being forth as Transformational Media. Ms. Pietsch has now stepped in front of the camera to launch her own TV talk show, “Wake Up…Shift Is Happening!”
For 15 years, she was immersed in the entertainment & advertising industries. Her clients included BMW, Pontiac, Mattel and Ford to Lenny Kravitz, U2 and Natalie Cole.
In early 2000, Deborah chose to leave the high profile entertainment and advertising industry to pursue her innate desire to awaken the masses to their own consciousness through transformational media. As the first producer of Lisa Garr’s, The Aware Show, Deborah was responsible for elevating the airways with one of Los Angeles’ first ‘cutting-edge health, spiritual and conscious’ talk-radio shows. Concurrently she developed and produced numerous successful seminars and a speaker series featuring world-renowned luminaries, such as Dennis Kucinich, Lindsay Wagner, Dannion Brinkly and Doreen Virtue.
In 2002, after being introduced to the potential cutting-edge capacity that the Internet would have to “level the playing field” of all media, she immersed herself in the frontier of the world wide web. Deborah opened the doors to Living Light Agency in 2004. She began working with clients to develop their brand, website, and all marketing strategies including PR, online & offline strategies. In addition, she launched the Lightworkers’ Entrepreneurial Bootcamp, a 6 week webinar course. In August of 2007, Deborah was invited back into the entertainment industry to co- produce a short film for the Elevate Film Festival. The film, “Mr. President” which was a true representation of her feelings about acceptance, forgiveness and the powerful roles we play in each other’s lives, won 3 awards. Upon this, Deborah temporarily closed the doors to Living Light
Agency to co-produce Debbie Ford’s film, “The Shadow Effect” with Elevate Films.
Currently, June 2010, Deborah re-launched Living Light Agency as well as going in front of the camera for the first time for her new talk show, “Wake Up…Shift Is Happening!” She feels that by “grounding” some of the rather esoteric beliefs, ways of life and ancient secrets, as well as supporting the information with insights, tools and information, people all over the world can be empowered to awaken to their own soul’s journey.
Additionally, she feels that we are all at “Choice Point” in our individual lives, as well as a species on Mother Earth, and that it is time to choose and TAKE A STAND FOR LOVE vs. the Illusion of Fear. It’s Time… [email protected]