Don Estes – Integrity


Integrity originates with intention, which is expressed with words, acted on and manifested in the real world.

At the most primal, homogenous level of reality, where everything is just numbers and relationship, integrity stems from the balance between the actual and potential parts of intention.

This is the domain of the automata, the smallest, most indivisible components of reality that give intensity, timing, shape and form to all that is.

Integrity is being who we say we are.  It’s inversely proportional to the difference between who we are and who we claim to be.  This presentation will focus on methods of interaction and control of the automata, and new technologies that can greatly enhance connecting with them.

Participants will learn how to enhance integrity through better methods of gathering, ordering, arranging and communicating with the automata they originate with their intentions.


BIO: Don Estes is a professionally trained neuroscientist who has lectured worldwide on sensory science, vibrational therapy and the new physics.  He is founding CEO of InnerSense Inc., and inventor of VibraSound®, Sensory Resonance™ and other transformational technologies which have been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, ET, Beyond 2000, Next Step, Science Frontiers, and many other media.  His book…Transformation Via the Human Algorithm, and its master illustration…The Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality are the basis for this presentation.

Don Estes is a certified medical technologist, laboratory director and neuroscientist who has lectured worldwide on sensory science and vibrational medicine. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, Entertainment Tonight, Science Frontiers, and the Discovery Channel hits Beyond 2000 and Next Step, which won an Emmy award in 1994. In addition, his work has been featured in Wired, Computer Design, and Los Angeles Magazines and many other national and international media. He is also the author of many articles as well as a book called Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration, which is illustrated by a large wall chart titled the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality, one of the most complete compendiums of scientific and philosophical knowledge ever assembled.

He is founder and director of InnerSense, Inc. and inventor of VibraSound Sensory Resonance technologies used by both professional and nonprofessionals all over the world for music and sound therapy, relaxation, entertainment and expanded states of mind. His intellectual property is garnered from over thirty years experience in the unification of science, philosophy and religion and includes theories, proprietary knowledge and patents in the fields of light, color, sound, music and algorithmic automata. His unique combination of experience in both the hard and soft sciences represents the essence of true neuroscience.

In addition, he has consulted with hundreds of rejuvenation retreats, day spas, mind spas, medical professionals and location based entertainment facilities worldwide, having personally designed, built and operated three award-winning facilities called InnerSpace, MindWave and Aha! Spa.

InnerSense has recently revolutionized vibrational therapy by advancing the field beyond frequency and time into the phase domain where the complex world we experience is formed out of real and imaginary automatons. Effecting change at this level influences the entire history of any issue back to its origin and can lead to the actualization of potential…the current goal of evolution, and the essence of transformation. This process can has also been used to design and develop a futuristic alembic, which restructures water that provides serious solutions to environmental pollution and rehabilitation, both internal and external. Science now truly stands at the threshold of a new understanding of reality…one where intention and choice are primary to manifestation.

Don currently lives the Aha! Experience on a daily basis with his wife and two children in Santa Monica, California. His goal is to bring his special talents to bear on the vision of effecting true and lasting change in the world through innertainment, integration and transformation.