Dr. Andrew Thorn


Dr. Andrew Thorn is a world authority in behavioral based leadership development strategies, and a pioneer in the field of peer coaching.

In 2008 he completed a five year research project (The Impact of Peer Coaching on Leadership Effectiveness) that successfully resulted in the development of Symphony™, an innovative, cost effective, leadership development methodology that creates greater employee engagement
by broadening the reach of coaching and establishing a vibrant culture of accountability.

His confidential work over the past 20 years with senior leaders and c-level executives helps him establish trust quickly and deeply. He personally guided 2 of the top 50 business thinkers, currently listed on The Thinkers 50. His work extends to over 50 major corporate clients and over 250 Senior Leaders from many of the Fortune 500 Companies.
Dr. Thorn’s innovative strategies were recently featured in two best selling books:
Marshall Goldsmith’s What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There, and Mark Effron’s One
Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value.

He is widely recognized for his breakthrough thinking on accelerating leadership
development and taking it to the next level. His highly acclaimed book – U-wun-ge-layma:
A Guide To Next Level Living helps facilitates the move of successful people from
one level of success to the next, ultimately setting a new standard. His clients achieve
more, become more and experience balanced growth for their own benefit, and for the
benefit of the people they lead. He fosters a strength-based approach and is constantly
looking for ways to help people become the best they can be.

Dr. Thorn holds a PhD in Consulting Psychology from Alliant International University,
and a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.