Dr. Stuart Fischbein


Dr. Fischbein has been in private practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Century City, California, since 1986. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1982 and has a long history of support for Certified Nurse Midwives and Licensed Midwives. This interest began during his Cedars-Sinai residency, as he was rotating through LA County-USC Medical Center, where he had the good fortune to be exposed to the midwifery model of obstetrical care. In the mid 80’s, he was approached by midwives of the Natural Childbirth Institute, formerly in Culver City, to provide back-up support for women choosing alternatives to hospital based birthing. In 1995 he co-founded, The Woman’s Place, Inc., an innovative model of collaboration between Certified Nurse Midwives and Obstetricians, in Ventura County. In 2004, he co-authored, Fearless Pregnancy, Wisdom and Reassurance from a Doctor, a Midwife and a Mom, (Fair Winds Press, 2004) with long time associate, Joyce Weckl, CNM; and writer, Victoria Clayton. The second edition of Fearless Pregnancy was just released in June 2010. He has twice been awarded Physician of the Year by the Doulas Association of Southern California and in 2008 received their first Lifetime Achievement Award. . A long time outspoken advocate of women’s’ rights to informed consent and refusal and the exercise of their free will, Dr. Fischbein is honored to be a founding member and medical advisor to the Birth Action Coalition and contributor to, “Ricki’s Room” and “Your Best Birth”, a book published in 2009 and authored by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein..
America once represented the freedom of thought and spirit that was the envy of the world. With the micromanaging of the medical industry, and with the passing of each new regulation, law or guideline, that freedom is rapidly eroding. A country where slogans such as, “I may not agree with what you say, but would fight to the death for your right to say it,” or “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” which once represented our national identity, have all but vanished. Dr. Fischbein is a rare individual that still believes in personal responsibility, the right of every person to informed consent, and the exercise of free will. As an obstetrician he has written and stood for the premise that pregnancy is not a disease but a natural state of a woman’s body. He has long been a crusader for the rights of pregnant women to choose the method and place of their birthing. What seems a simple and obvious truth is under attack from professional organizations, insurance companies, politicians and trial lawyers. What is needed is a voice and a platform to galvanize and motivate us to preserve the choices in health care that are the right of every American. Dr. Fischbein has the knowledge, bravado, talent and wisdom born of experience to be that voice.