Dream Rockwell – Visionary


Presentation topic: Having the Courage to say YES.

“Life is a fast moving stream, all you need to do is get in the stream and flow” i was once told. But what wasn’t revealed at the time was that all streams are filled with rocks, pebbles, curves and drops. How does one traverse the ride with grace? A true leader must find a way to withstand the storm and the beating sun. And it will take everything you’ve got! …but what else do you have to do? The time is now.

Learn how to create your personal destiny. Develop the skills needed to craft your personal legend. We’ll talk about how saying ‘yes’ to the life around you allows you to manage your state at all times. This is the first key discipline for all leaders in the new paradigm.




Lucent Dossier Experience founder and visionary, Dream Rockwell moved to Los Angeles in 2004 with a clear vision of a new possibility. She founded event production company The Do LaB with partners Josh and Jesse Flemming that produces Lightning in a Bottle, an Eco Art and Music Festival, that saw 8000 people through it’s gates this year for an epic 4 day weekend of workshops, speakers, entertainment and fun.

From its explosive beginning on New Year’s Eve 2005, Lucent Dossier has broken boundaries and chartered new territories in both the world of performance and fashion. Once Lucent Dossier launched into the California underground art and music scene with trailblazer Dream Rockwell at the helm, a new precedence was set and the entire climate of west coast performance art world began to shift. The Burning Man community quickly adopted Lucent’s Victorian tribal esthetic, body art painting and blending of styles with natural elements as its own. From there, inspired fashion began to make its way to the malls of America.

Her work has been photographed by the legendary Steven Meisel for VOGUE magazine in a shoot with Lucent Dossier, which they entitled “The greatest show on earth…” She hit the bull’s-eye again with the music video for Panic! At the Disco’s hit single “I write Sins, not Tragedies,” which went on to win VH1’s Music Video of the Year award. Following the massive break out success of the video, Rockwell also directed Panic! At The Disco’s first world tour. She directed the Motley Crue tour with Aerosmith and before Lucent Dossier was born, she inspired a new image and lent her creative ideas to Madonna for Music and the portions of the Drowned World Tour. Rockwell’s track record proves her gift and ability see what the masses are ready for, wanting, craving even and to hold her finger on that very pulse.

Champion to both the serious entertainer and weekend booty shaker, Rockwell’s unique eye and style of entertainment has now shifted what is possible. There was a time when the audience sat in their seats and enjoyed the show. Rockwell saw a new possibility for art, a show that organically swelled up around and swirled in the voyeur, blurring the lines between audience and performer so seamlessly and beautifully that at their 2008-2009 sold out residency in the historical Edison building in downtown LA, crowds lined up around the block and waited for hours to experience the mystic and magic of this new form of interactive entertainment.

Always a trend setter, Rockwell is now evoking and predicting that audiences are ready for yet another shift up: a new paradigm in thought and entertainment that encourages us to not just dream, but to celebrate each other and agree collectively in what is possible; a new way of being together, breaking down the master/servant paradigm that the entertainment industry and the world has thrived on for decades. Youtube, Facebook and the internet has shown us that there is a new wave of thinking taking over the collective consciousness and Rockwell sees a large gap where live performance needs to catch up with what is happening in the viral internet world. And thus the birth of the Forbidden Om…

“Everything you can perceive, is possible… but to fully actualize our greatest dreams, we must conceive together, we are living in collective consciousness. The Forbidden Om is the birth of that new dream….”