Erin Ross – Duty + Resilient Visionary


Presentation Topic: Get That You Matter: Be The Hero You’ve Been Waiting For

Humanity is up against great challenges, but we all possess the tools we need to create the positive future we want. Even though we struggle with self-doubt from time to time, we have a basic need to contribute – regardless of how we contribute.

Join Erin Ross as she inspires, educates and ignites you to create a life from the place of Getting That You Matter and shares some tools for transformation: 

  1. A guided meditation to reclaim your heart’s desire.
  2. A mantra to strengthen your commitment to your purpose.
  3. An action step to awaken your Leader Within!

Remember and celebrate who you really are as we explore the vital role you play in contributing to the awakening of humanity personally, locally and globally.

BIO: As an author, workshop facilitator for both Café Gratitude and Challenge Day, coach, counselor and teacher, Erin has inspired, educated and empowered thousands – from students and artists to entrepreneurs and organizational leaders – to take positive action toward living their lives fully expressed and empowered. Her compassion, insight and transparency combined with her honest enthusiasm and deep love for humanity engender spaces for growth and celebration in every environment.

Author of the upcoming book, Getting That You MatterTM and co-founder of Get That You Matter, Inc., Erin hopes to inspire millions more to remember who they are, to get that they matter and to Be their greatest contribution to the world… and to have a lot of fun along the way!