Jaron and Trevor Moore


Jaron and Trevor Moore are two brothers from a Los Angeles suburb who like to collaborate musically and perform together. Jaron, 14, started performing at age six after he saw a flyer for a local children’s musical theatre program. He performed in their production of “The Sound of Music” and was hooked, performing in numerous musical theatre productions, dance and song reviews, concerts and recitals over the years. Jaron has recently been accepted into the Music & Theatre Conservatory at the Orange County High School of the Arts. His favorite musical genres are punk rock and rock, and his biggest musical influence is Green Day.

Trevor, 11, started playing guitar at age eight when his school hired a guitar teacher for their after-school program. He dedicated so much time to playing his instrument that his parents enrolled him for private lessons. After accompanying his brother at his vocal recital, Trevor became a popular accompanist for other local vocalists. His favorite musical genres are rock and blues, and his biggest musical influence is The Beatles.

Both Jaron and Trevor have recently started participating in a local kids’ rock ‘n’ roll program, with Jaron as a frontman and Trevor as a lead electric guitarist. They perform with their bands in various venues in and around Los Angeles county. Jaron and Trevor have recently started writing their own songs, fusing their different tastes in music. They can be viewed on their youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/JaronAndTrevorVideos