Joseph Jacques


Joseph Jacques Social Architect

My name is Joseph J. Jacques Founder of CAST, “Conscious Action Starts Today”, my role within this Leadership conference is to deliver my process of Story-Based-Strategy. We see you, the attendee’s of this conference as the cast in this magical drama of Leaders Causing Leaders. We wish to help you further cultivate your great story, value, genius, and talent within this epic narrative of causing leadership in the world. While at this conference the executive cast of Leaders Causing Leaders sets the stage for you to birth your story-line, foreshadowing, conflict, casting, dominate assumptions, emerging narrative, and multiple plots that will allow your vision to further take shape within the context of this 3 day conference!  CAST “Conscious Action Starts Today” is a Master Context from which we create and provide useful and meaningful life-curriculums for those to know their great story of themselves in relationship to their psycho-social-spiritual environment.  I use the strategy of CAST to help organizations like Leaders Causing Leaders bring tools to the many ways human beings can collaborate and play-out their life passions, goals, visions and purpose in a fun engaging way.