Laura Whitney


Laura Whitney is President of The Ojai Foundation(TOF), an educational nonprofit based in Ojai, California. TOF stewards a beautiful semi-wilderness, sustainable-model retreat center in the hills above Ojai and also oversees a world-wide network of council programs, including an extensive program in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The way of council is the core practice and teaching of The Ojai Foundation. Council comes from the ancient tradition of sharing stories around a central fire. The practice encourages deep listening and speaking from the heart and can serve to bring depth and meaning to the individuals, to prevent and resolve conflicts in a group, to build strong community and to bring forth a collective vision. Whitney has worked with council in many settings for over ten years. She leads rites-of-passage programs for teenagers and brings ceremony, earth-honoring practices and the way of council to all that she does. She has committed her life to bringing forth an life-enhancing human presence on the earth.