Paulynn Cue


Paulynn Cue is Co-founder, CEG, CCO, CMO of Unified Field Corporation which is building network of Unified Field Banks “Sustainable Community Partnership Banks” being created to accelerate sustainability in local communities nationwide.

Paulynn is Founder and Executive Director of the Unified Field Media Project which is producing documentaries, short films, interactive and immersive media, and radio programming to share the stories of sustainability happening all around us.

Paulynn is also Curator of the Design Is Change series of speaker events called “How Storytelling Can Change the World” at locations across the country including the Museum of Modern Art, Hammer Museum and Aquarium of the Pacific.

Design Is Change explores world building in entertainment media and its impact in social, sustainable and humanitarian design. Her 19 year long career spans architectural design and planning, graphic information systems, branding, graphic design and visual strategy for world class organizations such as Gensler, Dreamworks, and Free the Slaves, and also includes humanitarian development projects with NextAid, such as building a children’s residential eco-village in South Africa, youth-centered micro-business in Kenya, and AIDS care field visits in Mozambique.

Paulynn is also co-creator / co-founder of an initiative called DEEP (Developing Economic Empowerment and Prosperity) created by the Coalition for a Sustainable Africa (CSAfrica), a Los Angeles based group of 18 grassroots organizations working to create sustainability in 20 African countries.