Ryland Engelhart


Ryland Engelhart is a minister of love. His ability to “BE LOVE” has created a Be Love movement that is the underlying practice of the Cafe Gratitude community. Ryland is the son of Matthew Engelhart the co-founder of Cafe Gratitude. The apple did not fall far from the tree; in fact, they stand together as an abundant orchard. Ryland has been managing in the company for over 4 years, and is spearheading the Cafe Gratitude expansion to Los Angeles. Ryland is also the inspiration and co-creator of the award winning transformational documentary film “May I Be Frank”. Ryland has just stepped into marriage and has declared that, “The Search Is Over.” Love is his pathway to Oneness. Ryland was born to be a “cult” “ture” leader. He is funny, open, humble, and shares passionately from his heart.