Shasheen is committed to eliminating the cost that the lack of individual self-expression is having on fulfillment and happiness in personal relationships as well as the cost that it has on innovation, creativity and ultimately profitability within organizations.

Described as “Dynamic, innovative and a breath of fresh air,” the native New Yorker with roots in India ferrets out the proverbial “elephant in the boardroom” that so often impedes progress, productivity and satisfaction within organizations and the lives of individuals. Using his natural intuition, ability to foster dialogue, and knack for strategy, Shasheen re-inspires CEO’s, management teams, and individuals, and shows them how to inject their organizations, departments and lives with a tremendous dose of creativity and enthusiasm.

Having served a variety of professionals – from the risk-taking entrepreneur, to established mid-level management, to the senior ranks of Fortune 500 companies – Shasheen is committed to providing frank and practical guidance, encouraging individuals to take initiative and work together more productively through a renewed, progressive commitment to communication. Delivered in a variety of settings – one-on-one, within a group or team, or to a wide audience through keynote speaking – people and organizations are finely tuned and taken to the next level, evolving into well-oiled machines…thus increasing fulfillment and profitability.

Following his degree in Philosophy from Colgate University, Shasheen held management positions in the consulting, banking and tech industries. An accomplished speaker and writer, he’s motivated thousands of college students through guest appearances at Colgate University and Columbia University School of Law, and has been a contributing author and ghostwriter for Enterprising Women: Lessons from 100 of the Greatest Entrepreneurs of Our Day, and The Ultimate Venture Capital Source Book. Shasheen has also recently launched the Pink Elephant Project, a global, grassroots movement dedicated to encouraging people throughout the world to find the courage and commitment to communicate.

When he’s not working, Shasheen enjoys taking to the slopes. A veteran Skier, he’s been recognized as one of the Top 100 Ski Instructors in North America by SKIING Magazine. His natural talent for guiding others is also shown by his volunteerism within the community…a passion to develop and inspire future leaders is manifested in his work with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Fine Arts for Children and Teens and the National Dance Institute.