Sunshine Hoops


Sunshine”, 10-year-old child entrepreneur, and mother “Dawn”, Natural Health Consultant, developed “Sunshine Hoops”, Custom Hoops for Fun, Fitness & Dance, in 2009. Since then, they have been involved with special events such as, “Live H2O United by Love”, “Earth Day”, “Girls Think Tank – Basic Dignity for Homeless”, “Arthritis Foundation Walk”, School Fund Raisers & Field Trips, Birthday
Celebrations and more. Sunshine Hoops loves to share and donates time and/or hoops
to schools and to the financially challenged. Dawn & Sunshine handcraft each hoop with love, using pure and positive energy, intent and song, to make each and every hoop as special as those for whom they are
created. The hoops are available in various sizes, weights, and dazzling colors for adults and children. They’re fun and great for aerobics, stretching, yoga & dance, to build core strength, tone muscles, improve circulation, build confidence and so much

“This is No ordinary hoop, this is a Sunshine Hoop”.

Get hooped up with Sunshine Hoops.