Susan Daya


Daya is a Transformational Attorney, Mediator, Resolutionary and founder of Concordance (Harmony) Law aboard her yacht office in Marina Del Rey, CA. She has represented children in Juvenile court and has been a family attorney for over 18 years . She incorporates her spirituality into her legal practice by empowering families to work through their most challenging issues (relating to divorce, custody, pre-marital, support, and same sex) in a peaceful, private supportive loving environment. Daya facilitates by sharing the tools of conscious language and non-violent communication. This allows the space for clients to flow through their emotional/legal issues restoring balance and resolution. Clients are empowered to co-create “In or Out of the Box” solutions and fashion a heart centered agreement that works best for them. She infuses the Universal Laws principles of forgiveness, love, kindness into her practice. She has apprenticed with the Maori shaman, practiced Kundalini yoga for 13 years and a member of the Hologram of Life Councilship and on the Blue Hologram Councilship for both LightBody Designs and the Raw-Vegan Trade Alliance. She is also on the Board of Empowerment Works (The Global Summit) and Infinite Solutions.
In addition, Daya is an advocate empowering families to choose alternative health treatments. She is a key player/supporter for Danny Hauser and the Hauser family (a national high profile Minnesota Court case in 2010) – where she served as a voice for the rights for parents and families to choose alternative health remedies for their children. She also has authored “sacred separation agreements”. Finally, Daya counsels families regarding out of the box legal ways to preserve privacy, asset and wealth protection.,