Weston is a 16-year-old boy who is unable to speak with his voice but was blessed with the ability to speak telepathically. Though he was labeled as “mentally retarded” by his school district and Regional Center, he has proven that he can complete higher level math (i.e., calculus, trigonometry) as well as high school level chemistry and biology in middle school. In addition, he can learn foreign languages with ease, including Spanish, Japanese, and Russian.

In addition to the above-mentioned abilities, it was determined at age seven that he can see angels, saints, and speak to others telepathically. His story and abilities have been written about in two best-selling books by Meg Blackburn called The Children of Now, in which he requested to use the pseudonym “William”, and Conversations With the Children of Now in which he uses his real name.

Weston has been working with another Meg, Meg Lupin, for the past few years and recently has begun co-facilitating healing sessions with her in which they help clients with physical ailments, life coaching, and spiritual awareness. In addition, they co-facilitate monthly healing and networking workshops to expose people to his unique type of communication and awareness.

He also works with another very gifted healer, Chris Marmes, in which they also help clients with life coaching, spiritual awareness, and healing which may be facilitated through the use of a SCIO Quantum machine.

Weston has begun a weekly newsletter called Weston’s Weekly in which he shares his messages with all who are interested and invites others to share their experiences working with him.