Ed Japngie


Ed Japngie has been in the field of product development for 18 years. His background
combines an interesting diversity of career paths which include bio-medical engineering
along with being a practitioner of various hands on healing modalities. The otherwise
diametrically opposite career paths eventually combined and culminated in an interesting
weave of both the logical and esoteric schools of thought eventually leading to the
creation of LifeBEAT Products.

New technology developed by LifeBEAT Products offers golden key to making
quantum leaps in business and personal performance!

There is currently a lot of talk about the laws of attraction. Movies such as “the Secret”
delved into exposing the mysteries behind this illusive concept. But we still find
ourselves coming up short of the mark. What is it that is still getting in our way? How
can we engage with this phenomenal concept without having to know all the secrets?
How can we master being in abundance without having to spend years practicing the
arcane rituals of engaging the laws of attraction?

LifeBEAT technology, a product development company based out of Phoenix, AZ has
developed a line of products designed to create instantaneous shifts for expanding
consciousness and performance.

Thank you Barry Bonds but performance enhancement is not just for sports anymore!
What if you could have a technology that would activate latent abilities and enhance your
natural ability to excel in areas of business, romance, health and academics as well?
These are just some of the areas in our lives we wish we could employ the laws of
attraction and abundance. So, is it possible that what was once accepted as a “good as it
gets” attitude in performance may only be a glass ceiling that we can now break through
and go beyond with ease?

Using LifeBEAT products creates an experience that is like being freed up of the
shackles of an invisible ball and chain that we drag around with us all the time. Combine
that with an ability to manifest your intentions and roll off with the perfect words or
actions at just the right moment for a flawless delivery of performance.

Sound fantastic? The leap in performance one experiences is derived from a synergy
created by combining the use of two separate products. The first component is the use of

Cohere Bodywear and the second is a series of performance activation sprays. Together
they deliver the one two power punch combination of undeniable performance activation
and enhancement.

The Cohere Bodywear (bracelets and pendants) set new standards of efficacy in knocking
out the suppressive physical effects caused by constant exposure to electromagnetic
fields. The spray products, a revolutionary concept in an “all natural” non-chemical
approach to performance enhancement are now available in sets. Sprays are grouped
together by design to activate focused performance in areas of:

• business and financial abundance,
• romance and intimacy,
• academics,
• gaming,
• meditation and
• of course sports, fitness and yoga.

Whether you’re a CEO, a politician, a celebrity or even a 10 year old student, using the
sprays allows you to reach beyond your unconscious patterns of limitation with ease.
These are the tools that will instantly engage you in the manifesting your vision from the
vast potential of possibilities by engaging the laws of attraction and abundance.

Given the uncertainty of the current economic environment wouldn’t it be nice to
personally remain unaffected? In fact, what if you could turn your life directly into a tide
of abundance in health, harmony and prosperity so that it flows to you and through you
with grace and ease? Prosper and profit in any economy without having to do anything
different. You can effortlessly engage with the flow of abundance that is always around
you. If you are single and choosing to be paired with your equal or better, wouldn’t it be
nice to know that without going out of your way you can exude a powerful magnetic
attraction that will draw that perfect partner to you?

Continued use of the sprays will allow the user to eventually familiarize and adapt to
being able to perform consistently at the acquired level of activation. The Cohere
Bodywear also acts in a capacity to hold space for you as you expand in your capacity to
perform at the new and increased levels of your personal best.