Jennifer Partridge


Jennifer has extensively worked and trained within the broadcast industries as a journalist, TV host and radio host for the past nine years. She finished her training as a journalist at TAFE, Perth, Australia in 2001 and went on to pursue her career as a broadcast host for various networks within Australia and America. Various productions Jennifer has worked on include: Australia’s Fox Network: Expert Dating, Wire Images: Entertainment Reporter, Bistro 98: Web TV series, Sunset to Sunrise: TV series host, Ramen Revolution: Channel 13 USA Host and she is currently the main host on the show “Our New Earth” airing Thursdays on KLAS FM 89.7 Time Warner Radio. With her writing and production skills Jennifer has also worked with many of Australia’s leading companies in creating promotional campaigns for company endorsement via video, an example of such companies include; XXX mints, Australia Jazz in the Domain, Lynx, Colgate and Continental Cuppa Soup. Through these promotional campaigns Jennifer has managed to aid these International companies in promoting their products and increasing sales revenues.

Alongside her broadcast experience Jennifer has a passion and has worked closely with many of the world’s old and new healing technologies and systems originating from a wide variety of cultures and traditions. Some of these understandings, practices and new age technologies have been sourced from Japan, Egypt, China, Native America, Russia and through many of her own personal, channeled experiences. She currently is now an educator in various systems and modalities of healing and offers a bridge for global and inner awakening to be seen in the media through television, radio and at events.
Jennifer is the founder of Our New Earth Productions, a TV and Radio production company that specifically focuses on sharing stories of awakening, health, empowerment and truth to all its viewers. Selected videos and campaigns can be found on