Sol Adventurers Foundation


Sol Adventurers Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our Gardening Program in Los Angeles. We have a community plot for our youth at the Crenshaw Community Garden 1423 Crenshaw Blvd. in Los Angeles. The youth will be guided to discover their roots, plant, nourish, blossom and bloom. The youth will learn
about gardening, their gifts, permaculture, sustainability and a healthy diet. The program will include teaching the youth drumming, dance and art projects within the garden. As their plants are blossoming and blooming they will be learning to stand strong and flourish as well.

Our aim is to assist these youth in discovering their purpose and strengthening their roots while they learn to keep the plants strong and flourishing. Thus reducing crime, unemployment and homelessness for at risk youth in the mid city and surrounding neighborhoods by offering alternatives to gangs, tagging, criminal activity, drug use and the myriad of activities luring away our youth.

We have linked with some master gardeners and natural healers to teach the youth how to grow their own food and live off the land, to reconnect with nature, healthy food alternatives and permaculture. The program is open to at risk youth in the
mid-city and surrounding neighborhoods in Los Angeles. We are seeking volunteers, funding sources, sponsorships, in kind donations and referrals for youth that would benefit from our program. Please contact us at : [email protected] if you are interested.