Bruce R Wright – Competency


Presentation Topic: Majestic Leadership

Majestic leadership begins with you and the way in which you balance your life, business and spiritual way of being.

First be the leader of your own life, then lead others to see and do the great and meaningful things they would not do on their own.

Bruce has spent many years helping people to understand the concept of Living Majestically and then mentoring them to align with, embrace and achieve such a state of being.

To live life majestically is to live in greater awareness and alignment with one’s highest and best self.  Living majestically requires more maturity, wisdom, discernment, balance and courage than average in every vital facet of life. Majestic living is possible when we continue to evolve, not just as individuals, but also in our relationships with family, friends, career, finance and the natural world in which we live.  Majestic living is a powerful demonstration of the transformational effect you have upon the world and those around you while cultivating and then sustaining abundance, fulfillment and joy in your own life.

Bruce has over two decades of practical ‘in the trenches’ success helping those around him transcend their greatest challenges and optimize results in an array of complex topics including:

  • How to manifest a more significant, joyful and majestic life
  • Clarifying a vision of what is most important in life, relationships, business and wealth management
  • Developing and implementing a written plan to turn great vision into reality
  • Business growth and or exit strategies
  • Achieving clarity and purposeful direction in a world of uncertainty and change
  • How to transcend adversity in life, career, money, relationships and health
  • How to become a conduit for Divine Inspiration
  • How to find and live in harmony with one’s inner voice
  • Philanthropic development for individuals, families, businesses and communities
  • Acquiring and applying timeless wisdom in life, business, wealth management, relationships, philanthropic endeavors and business succession planning

Bruce’s first book, The Wright Exit Strategy; Wealth – How To Create It, Keep It and Use It, has helped tens of thousands of people to improve control over their lives, business endeavors, philanthropy and wealth management.  His next book, Living Majestically; An Elephant’s Guide, will help all who read it and apply its teachings to know how to identify and implement new thinking, behaviors and the changes necessary to live life more majestically!